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When you’re in the aerospace industry, you have different needs than other companies when it comes to having your scrap metal recycled. You’re dealing with a larger variety of metals and alloys than most companies and you need a company that can pick up at your location at or near a local airport. Because your industry is so fast-paced, you need a company that can provide responsive customer service quickly and proactively to keep a small problem from becoming a bigger one.

Different Scrap Metal Recycling Needs

Aerospace scrap metal has many different alloys and materials that are not commonly seen when recycling other industrial or salvage scrap. A single jet engine can have tens of thousands of dollars worth of precious metals alone. You need to work with a scrap metal recycling company that has experience in and understands your industry’s needs. That can leave you dealing with multiple scrap metal recycling companies when you’re trying to get your scrap recycled.

Even worse, many precious metals recycling companies are used to dealing with small amount of scrap, not the huge amounts that an aerospace company often recycles on a regular basis. Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing handles a wider variety of metals than most scrap metal recycling companies, giving you a one-company solution to all your aerospace scrap metal recycling needs.

Location, Location, Location

Another consideration when you’re choosing a quality aerospace scrap metal recycling company is its location. Can the company regularly pick up your scrap metal or will the transportation costs make it difficult to rely on when you need it most? Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing is conveniently located in central Connecticut – within driving distance of several major airports and facilities, making it easy to arrange pickup services to get your aerospace scrap metal recycling program off the ground.

Highly Responsive Customer Service and Support

With the fast pace in the aerospace industry and the premium placed on production space, you need to know that your scrap metal will be picked up on a reliable basis when it needs to be picked up. Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing provides a high level of responsive customer service and exceptional reliability, so you’ll receive prompt payments and a fast response.

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