Industrial & Commercial Manufacturing

industrial and commercial scrap metal clients

We know that our commercial and industrial scrap metal clients have industry-specific needs that many metal recycling companies are not able or willing to deal with. At Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing, we’ve been serving industrial and commercial scrap metal clients in Connecticut and New England since 1925. That 90 years of experience in the industry means we’ve dealt with all the inherent problems in industrial and commercial scrap metal successfully and have adapted our scrap metal recovery and recycling processes as the decades have brought new changes.

Big Business

Compared to other metal scrap companies who are used to dealing with the small amount of scrap metal brought in occasionally by their clients, we have extensive experience working with clients who choose to sell their scrap metal in bulk. We’ll work with you to determine the best ways to handle your scrap metal recycling needs by developing a plan that works for your business’ level of metal production without interrupting your work flow. You’ll also find us very reliable. Whether it’s picking up your scrap metal, delivering recycling bins and similar services, so you won’t have to wait forever for your scrap to be picked up.

Flexible Practices

One of the areas our clients find most helpful in our business practices is the flexibility they find with our company. We know that your business needs to function at its best possible efficiency, so we work with you to develop a comprehensive scrap metal recycling plan that provides real-world solution that keeps your business running efficiently while still getting the most out of your scrap metal recycling sales. We can provide regular scrap metal pickup, demolition, sorting services, processing and many other services designed to best meet your needs.

Recycler Integrity

When you’re running a commercial or industrial enterprise, it’s vital that the companies you deal with have a high level of integrity. When you’re working with Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing, you’re working with a scrap metal buyer who is honest and provides the best possible prices for your scrap. You’ll receive high-quality customer service that is responsive and proactive in solving your scrap metal problems. We also provide reliability in every facet of our business, from on-time pickup of your scrap metal to fast payment of what’s owed to your company for its scrap metal sales.

Contact Us

We know that you may still have questions or want to have a more detailed discussion about improving your scrap metal recycling experience. Please contact us – we’re always happy to help.