Scrap Metal Buying Services

Since 1925, Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing in CT has been in the business of buying scrap metal. Because we purchase materials at competitive rates, we are highly esteemed among our consumers in CT. Our professional and reliable services have kept us in business and enabled us to stand out from other scrap metal dealers.

Aside from buying scrap metal, we also offer other services, including scrap metal pickup and scrap metal processing.

Scrap Metal That We Buy

Ferrous scrap

Ferrous metal contains iron and is magnetic. There are eighty different grades of ferrous metals. You can use the magnet test to identify ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous scrap

Most other metals, aside from iron and steel, are classified as nonferrous. Examples include aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, and lead. These metals are never magnetic, and usually fetch a higher price.

Home scrap

Home scrap refers to metals that are made at a foundry, mill, or refinery. Once they are re-melted, they are reused in the same place where they were generated. Home scrap metals can either be nonferrous or ferrous metal.

Industrial scrap

Industrial scrap refers to metal that has been cut out or drilled from a metal piece that is being designed to make a particular product. As such, industrial scrap is considered as manufacturing waste, as it is not featured in the finished products.

Obsolete scrap

Any metal considered to be worn out or unusable is classified as obsolete scrap. Examples include old pipes, old radiators, major appliances, and used or old photography film.

Benefits of selling scrap metal

One benefit of selling scrap metal is that it helps you to get rid of metal wastes that may be lying around your commercial, industrial, or residential premises. Piled up scrap metal is not only unsightly, but is also a hazard to both humans and animals. It is therefore important to rid your environment of these wastes in a safe and efficient manner.

Selling scrap meal is also a source of income. You can be paid for your scrap metal, based on its weight.

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