Demolition Services

We offer a full range of demolition services for both residential and commercial clients. Fully equipped with modern tools and machinery, our highly-skilled team can fulfill any special requirements that you have for your project.

Whether you’re simply knocking down an interior wall to create a larger space or removing an entire structure, we can offer you the very best in demolition services.

The Science of Modern Demolition

Demolishing a building with scrap metal retrieval in mind is both an art and a science. If the demolition isn’t carried out properly, valuable materials can be lost. Our demolition services ensure that not only is the property demolished safely and in accordance with all local regulations, but that any recyclable or salvageable materials are retrieved.

Buried Treasure

Scrap metal retrieved during the demolition of a building can turn out to be a very lucrative resource. Selling scrap metal from demolitions can net significant profits, as some materials may have increased significantly in value since the property was constructed.

For example, copper was once a very cheap and freely available material that saw widespread use, but is now worth many times its original value. On today’s market, copper is a highly sought-after commodity that can command significant profits.


There may be many sources of scrap metal in a structure. Wiring, fittings, structural elements, machinery — all of these can contain valuable metals that we can retrieve for you, helping to offset the cost of your demolition and construction projects. In some cases, people have been able to finance significant renovations wholly or partly from the profits they’ve made selling scrap metal retrieved during the demolition stage.

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