Manufacturing Scrap Metal Services

Scrap metal is often the result of many metal manufacturing or production companies. Scrap metal consists of porous and non-porous metals that include steel, copper, aluminum, and an assortment of precious metals. Scrap metal can be found in virtually any size, from wiring to old retired rail cars. Feigenbaum and Nair purchases scrap metal and offers an assortment of scrap metal services.

Scrap Metal Services

In an effort to create a professional business relationship, our company can accommodate your scrap metal removal needs:

  • Highest competitive pay: your scrap metal brings top dollar.
  • Containers: Looking for ways to store your scrap metal? We can provide containers that fit your scrap metal storage needs.
  • Pick-ups: Create a scheduled pick-up for scrap removal. This prevents last minute pick-up requests that could result in over-flowing containers.
  • Large Scrap Collection: No scrap is too big or small for collection; our company is capable of handling scrap of any size.
  • Material Analysis: In an effort to provide the best offer for your scrap material, we will perform an alloy analysis on all of your scrap material. This provides the reassurance that you are receiving the best price for your materials, and you know exactly what your materials are made from.
  • Mill Preparation: Our company handles all of the metal sorting before it goes to the mill, which is one less thing that you need to worry about.

Benefits of Selling Scrap Metal

When you decide to use our scrap metal recycling company, you can feel good about selling your scrap metal. Metal production material is expensive for industrial businesses; by selling the spin-off, you receive a portion of what you spent on material costs. This means lower operational costs for your business!

By selling scrap metal, you prevent an unsightly mess and play a part in caring for the environment. Scrap metal is collected and recycled, cutting back on the high energy costs needed to create new material. Recycling your scrap metal also prevents landfill over-flow and cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions.

When you choose to sell your scrap metal, you not only benefit yourself and your company, but also the environment and economy; and in today’s world, that’s a major accomplishment.

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