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You'll find tips to identify and sort your scrap metal, best practices for managing and disposing of your scrap, and insights from scrap metal professionals with 90 years of experience.

Why You’re Not Getting the Full Value of Your Scrap Metal

full value of scrap metal

Whether you’re just starting to recycle scrap metal or have been scrapping for years, there are a lot of aspects of recycling metals that many companies don’t take into account to maximize their scrap metal return. As professionals in the industry, we’ve seen this happen time and again, so here are a few tips to help you get the most from your scra…

How a Scrap Metal Yard Fits Seamlessly into Site Management

Site management

When you decide to recycle scrap metal at your business, it’s easy to get caught up in the concerns of how to fit in your scrap metal storage to avoid chaos at all the wrong times for your production line or job site. Here are a few tips on how we help our clients create a perfect arrangement of your scrap metal yard and your site management…

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Scrapping Your Metal

5 Things You

When you have a scrap metal recycling program in place at your company, you’re already taking steps to improve your overhead. But what if your program isn’t bringing in everything it can or is leaving your company open to risk? There are many simple mistakes that are easy to make that many companies make. Here’s five of the biggest ones and how to avoid…

What Makes Industrial Scrap Metal Unique

What Makes Industrial Scrap Metal Unique

When it comes to recycling industrial scrap metal, industrial companies face some unique situations that can present different issues than in other sectors where recycling scrap metals is…

How Demolition Companies Can Benefit from a Scrap Metal Partnership

How Demolition Companies Can Benefit from a Scrap Metal Partnership

There’s no doubt that working in demolition is a tough job that can reaps poor reward. Partnering with a scrap metal company can help improve those rewards! With the metals industry and manufacturing sectors recovering nicely after the recession, it’s a great time to start partnering with a scrap metal recycling company to reduce your overhead while maximizing your…

Environmental Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

scrap metal prices

Don’t toss that scrap metal! In today’s ecologically-focused society, there’s a big push for recycling anything reasonably possible. But how does that affect your business? Not only does recycling your scrap metal save your overhead, it makes a big difference in today’s world. Here’s…

The Guide to Sorting Scrap Metal

guide to sorting scrap metal

Sorting your scrap metal is something that almost anyone can do, with benefits that increase over time as you grow your relationship with us. By learning from our guide to sorting scrap metal before you being sorting, you can reduce the number of trips that you (or the yard) has to make in order to complete the transaction.

No matter what industry you’re in, you should be sorting your scra…

What Happens to Scrap Metal After It’s Recycled?

When you take your scrap metal to the scrap yard or call to have it picked up by your metals recycling partner, what happens next? Is it sorted in a giant machine or is it shipped out? What about after it’s sorted – is it melted down right there? What if there are impurities in the metal?

Now that your part is done, let’s take a good look at what happens once your scrap metal has been…

Why You Need A Scrap Metal Partner

There are great benefits your business can enjoy by finding a reliable scrap metal partner. Let’s take a look at how partnering with a recycler helps improve your bottom line.
Why partner with a scrap metal company?
Let’s talk a minute about what a partnership means. A partnership is set up so that both sides can benefit well beyond the usual expectations of daily commerce.

By setting up a…

Scrap Metal 101: The Spark Test

When you’re trying to get the best return on your scrap metal, you know that sorting your metal is part of the process to get the best possible scrap price. We’ve discussed a few different tests such as the magnet test, so today we’ll take the sorting process further through the spark test.

Make sure you follow proper safety precautions and use clean equipment when attempting this test -…

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