Alloy Analysis

Metal identification and alloy composition are two factors that are of great importance to the scrap metal processing and recycling industry. This is because the proper tools for alloy analysis and metal identification are essential to convert scrap metal to its recycled and reusable form.

Since the value of an alloy metal is determined by its composition, instruments and tools that positively and accurately identify different alloy grades not only provide certainty to the scrap metal sorting process, but also largely increase the value of the materials.

Analysis Process

Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing follows a distinct alloy analysis process when it comes to recycling scrap metal. The aim is to ensure that  end products have high value and functional capabilities for different metal applications.

1. Scrap Metal Pickup

Scrap metal is first collected from various consumer, commercial, or industrial sources. The scrap metals are then sorted by composition and type. We use alloy or material analysis to sort scrap into their respective compositions. This ensures that the value and composition of the metal alloy are not altered.

2. Melting

At Feigenbaum & Nair Scrap Metal Processing, we accurately determine each metal alloy before proceeding to the melting stage. Different metal alloys have different melting points. Steel, for example, melts at 2800° F, while aluminum melts at 1200° F. By sorting the metals according to their composition, we ensure that the melting process is both cost-effective and efficient.

Still, the composition of a metal alloy can be altered during the melting process by mixing different types of alloys. This, however, depends on the types of specifications required by the end-user. After melting, the metals are then molded into ingots (small bars) and given time to cool.

3. Uses

The ingots are then sold to manufacturers where they are made into various metal products.

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