Environmental Benefits

environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling

We make every effort to reduce our effect on the environment and contribute to a healthier planet in the future. Scrap metal is a cornerstone of recycling in the modern world, with metal being an integral part of our lives in the form of magnets that drive much of the technology we use.

Ore is Expensive

Creating new metal is expensive, time-consuming, and very energy intensive with few environmental benefits. The process to turn virgin ore into usable metal involves prospecting, mining, refining, and smelting. These steps are expensive while adding new material into the ecosystem. The process is very damaging to the environment surrounding those facilities as well.

While this is a viable process for rare earth metals and other unique metals, for common ones such as steel and aluminum, it is much more efficient to recycle.

Scrap Metal is Constantly Produced

Manufacturing and industrial companies tend to produce large amounts of scrap on a daily basis via steel stamping, forming, and cutting. Cars are always becoming obsolete, buildings are always being demolished, and appliances are always being replaced.

Feigenbaum & Nair will buy your scrap metal in bulk and recycle it in the most efficient way to prevent that resource from going to waste. If scrap metal was not recycled, that material would go into a landfill or storage plant and never come out. By recycling and reusing scrap metal, we are able to convert excess materials into reusable resources and reduce the cost of those resources.

Smaller Footprint

Scrap metal is so useful because it can be easily melted down and reused. While virgin ore is difficult to process, scrap metal recycling is less expensive, easier, and reduces the effect of greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants on the environment. It is also beneficial for the economy, since anyone with scrap metal can sell it for a profit, from aerospace manufacturing companies to residential homeowners.

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