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How to Get Your Scrap Metal Picked Up in Connecticut

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When you’ve got scrap metal piling up at your business, how do you reclaim your lost production space? When it comes to scrap metal removal, you’ve got a number of different options. In today’s post, we’ll discuss your best possible options for getting scrap metal removed from your workspace.

Bring it in yourself

By bringing in your own scrap to a recycler, you save money on pickup fees and can quickly get the scrap out of your way. However, having to haul your own scrap can take time and cause wear and tear on your equipment, especially if it’s less robust than what a hauling or pickup service may use.

Advertise for pickup

If you want to avoid having to deal with the scrap all together but can’t stomach the idea of simply tossing it, you can advertise on Craigslist, Freecycle or similar websites for anyone to come pick it up. Though it does a great job of getting the scrap out of your way quickly, it does leave you without any financial gain and at risk for liability if someone gets hurt while picking up your scrap.

Hire out hauling

If you want to get something out of your scrap without investing time or risking wear and tear on your own vehicle, you can hire out the hauling to a third party. The problem is, you’ll need to stay on top of potential legal issues, like whether they have insurance and worker’s comp for their employees. You’ll also want to stay on top of auditing the records of how much scrap you sent out compared to how much was received by the recycler.

Have it picked up

The safest route is usually having the recycler pick up the scrap. It saves your time and equipment, and if you work with a reputable recycler, you’ll build a trust relationship with them. It can be more expensive, especially if you need them to pick up small amounts on a frequent basis, which works out to a lower profit on your metals. Another option is to look into outside storage of your scrap metals in a secured bin.

If you’re ready to end the hassle of dealing with your scrap metals and are ready to realize better returns on your scrap, please contact us! Our professional recyclers provide the best possible service.

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