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How to Find the Best Scrap Aluminum Prices in CT

scrap aluminum
Did you know that to extract aluminum from bauxite ore takes between 6-8 kilowatts per pound? Because of aluminum’s lightweight property, 32-33 beverage cans can be manufactured from that same pound.

With that kind of energy input, it’s no surprise that aluminum is a highly sought after recyclable, to the point that several states in the U.S. either require a deposit or pay a return fee for those very cans that help ease the heat of a sweltering day. But how do you ensure you’re getting a good price for your aluminum? Let’s take a quick look:

What to look for from the company taking your scrap

When you’re looking for a new company to recycle scrap with, you’re looking for a good price. But there’s so much more to that company! Do they provide worker’s comp insurance, protecting you from liability if their worker gets hurt on your site? Are they insured in case an employee causes damage with their truck? Are there Better Business Bureau complaints filed against them? Choose who you do business with carefully, and you’ll avoid problems down the road.

Comparing prices

The price per pound isn’t the end of the decision either. Does the company charge high fees for scrap metal pickup? Are they giving you one price and paying you another, after your scrap is already unloaded? Make sure the price you’re being quoted is what you’ll get in the end.

What type of company you are partnering with

You’ve worked hard to establish your business’ reputation. When you deal with fly-by-night operations or recyclers who have had legal problems from accepting obviously stolen scrap, it affects your business’ reputation as well. Protect it by working with a reputable recycling company.

Forming long-term relationships

When the market is hard, you’ll want a relationship with a company that will look out for your best interests, because it’s in their best interests. That requires commitment and a long-term relationship. Operations who have only been open a short while can’t provide that level of support.

Whether you’ve been scrapping your metals for years or are just beginning the effort to reduce your shop’s overhead and increase profits, we’d like to win your business. You’ll find our employees professional, our business practices honest and our commitment to your business’ success undeniable. Contact us for more information on our services.

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